The Sunday Selection W/E 14/10/18

Your selection of the best fitness and training articles of the week.

Articles of the week

This is a great step forward, here in Scotland! with the research backed best diet for fat loss

Dan John with his pick for the best lift you can do for whole body strength

Getting strong is the best corrective, Tony Gentilcore crushes this one!

Mike Gostelow on Execperformance on how to create the discipline you need.

Chase Karnes on how to stay small and weak

Tom Venuto on a simple way to calculate macros

5 great tips from Steamtrainfitness for sustainable fat loss.


Conditioning circuit of the week

A full body blast for you this week!

Reverse lunges x30s, rest 30s

Pushups x30s, rest 30s

Bentover DB rows x30s, rest 30s

KB swings x30s, rest 2 mins

Repeat for 3-6 rounds

Notable Quote

“You think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” – Bret Contreras

Have an awesome Sunday.


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