3,2,1 W/E 27/10/19

So this weekend, the clocks have gone back an hour and we got an extra hour of shut-eye. At least that’s the case if you’re in the UK (other countries vary) and you don’t have a small child who tends to wake up early…

Hopefully, unlike me, you don’t get messed up too badly by the change in the clocks at this time of year! And, just like me, I bet you all have that one clock that you either forget to change, or can’t remember how to, and it’ll be an hour out for the next 6 months…

3 training thoughts

Sleep plays a massive role in our fitness, body composition and health. From recovery from training to making better food choices and having a better hormone response to food and hunger, and on to the health of both our physical and mental selves, sleep plays a key role. We also have a tendency to undervalue sleep, preferring to stay up to catch a new TV show or check our email instead of chilling out and shutting down early. Here is a great article on how to upgrade your sleep hygiene to get a better quality nights sleep.

This article from Harold Gibbons ties in well, covering the two key areas of recovery.

“You can’t out-recover poor sleep and nutrition.”

Training has a massive role to play in our mental health as well as our physical. Whether it’s structured cardio, resistance training, or getting out for a walk, the benefits for a huge range of mental health issues are huge. So while getting fitter and stronger is great for your physical self, it might be even more important for your brain.


2 nutrition bites

When it comes to diets, everyone wants a quick fix, even if they know that the last 5 quick fixes haven’t worked, this time it’ll be different. It’s completely understandable, real progress takes time, and even when you’re doing everything right, visible signs of progress can take their sweet time in revealing themselves. But given patience and consistency, real, longlasting results will happen.

Here are 3 rules of fat loss from Hayden Perno

With the colder weather coming, we’re going to be digging out the slow cooker again and I found this awesome looking recipe to try. 

Since I’m not a fan of turkey leg meat, I’ll be experimenting with breast meat instead. I’ll let you know how it works out…

1 Exercise demo

This core exercise is a cracker. It uses the changing tension of the band to match the strength curve of the exercise. Which is just a fancy way of saying that when your abs are in their strongest position at the top, the band is at its heaviest, and as you go into a weaker position, the band eases its tension to match. Having tried it with cables, I think the band is a better option for most people, just make sure the band is light, overwise you’re not gonna have a good time…


This was the first time I had tried these and the biggest learning point for me was to get my feet hooked under something heavy. I had tried these with my heels pressed into the floor bar of a bench and it didn’t give me good enough of an anchor. The next attempt had my feet under a couple of 24kg DBs and it felt way better.

I’d suggest that you start with 2-3 sets of 4-6 reps…

Have an awesome Sunday!


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