Just 3 things w/e 19/12/21

The final Just 3 Things of the year!

First of all, I want to say thanks to you all for reading my updates and I hope you have gained some useful info over the last year. I am aiming to put out a little more in the way of specific nutritional and training info next year to add to what I currently do, to try to give you more actionable tips to help you on your journey.

So thank you for your time, I appreciate more than you know.

Second, however you choose to spend the next 2 weeks, know that you won’t set your progress back massively. If you have been in a calorie deficit for the last few months, then you have room to enjoy a few fun foods that you wouldn’t normally see, and still only get up to around maintenance calories. Effectively giving yourself a diet break which can be a great way to take off a bit of psychological pressure, take off a little physiological stress, and make it easier to get on track in Jan.

3 tips to help:

  1. Eat till your satisfied most of the time.
  2. Continue to focus on getting some protein and veg/ fruit at most meals.
  3. Enjoy every mouthful

Third, if you decide to continue to train over the holidays, good for you. If you decide to take a week or 2 off, good for you. Personally, I’m aiming for the middle ground and training half as much as I usually do.

You won’t lose you gains, you won’t get weak, you won’t lose much fitness. But whichever option you choose, I would urge you to get out for a good walk every day. Get some movement, get the blood pumping, and get some real, actual daylight through your eye holes. It’ll help with mood, sleep, energy and more. So get up and get yourself out.

That’s the end of this year, have a great Christmas and New Year, however you spend it, and I’ll see you in the new year.

Stay safe,


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