Podcast: Breaking the “all or nothing” myth

When I first got into working out I feel into the same trap that many people do: thinking it had to be an all or nothing approach. I figured if I was going to train I needed a full 90 minutes to get everything done or it wasn’t worth going. Needless to say, progress was glacial…

Fortunately, I’ve gotten smarter.

The issue with an all or nothing approach is that it inevitably leads to doing less of the positive habits you need to make progress. You have one less than perfect meal, so the week is ruined and you might as well wait till next Monday to reset.

You don’t have the time to do your full training session, so you might as well go home and sit on the sofa watching Netflix.

Training and nutrition become black or white, on or off.

The truth is far more nuanced than that. There are multiple shades of grey and every positive action adds up to build your results.

In this week’s podcast, Calumn and I go over the pitfalls associated with the all or nothing approach and build the case for looking for small wins each day, and other tips on how to keep moving forwards towards your goals when things don’t go to plan.

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