Podcast S2 E6: Structure equals freedom

We tend to think that adding more structure and routine to our days will make them more restrictive and less enjoyable. But the truth is that we thrive on structure and having more not only reduces stress and anxiety but also increases the freedom we have. The first part is due to evolution and how our brain is wired. We like knowing what’s coming and the familiarity that brings. The second part is an extension of Parkinsons law, which states that tasks expand to fill the time they’re allocated. If you set a time limit for a task, then you are more likely to complete it in that time. This frees up space for the other things you want/need to do.

In this weeks podcast, Calumn and I chat about our routines. Specifically mornings and evenings, and how you can start to put better routines and more structure into your days to free up time to help you focus on your training, nutrition and recovery to get better results.

You can check it out below.




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