The Sunday Supplement W/E 19/5/19

Your mid-May edition of the best article from around the web.

Articles of the week

Building up the strength of all the muscles you can’t see in the mirror is a pretty good idea.

Once you’ve built a big base, you maybe don’t need to squat and deadlift so much.

Steady state cardio or intervals for max fat loss?

Protein restriction for longevity makes no sense at all

Here’s why you’re always hungry


Social media stuff

Giving your body what it wants

6 truths about fat loss

Why you gained weight (not fat) overnight


There’s no book of the week this week as I’m still working my way through a couple! Instead, here are 2 great podcasts you should check out:

The Mind and Bodcast from Edinburgh based PT Andrew Watson

G2G podcast from the gents at G2G Coaching, again, here in Edinburgh

Have an awesome Sunday!


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