The Sunday Supplement W/E 27/1/19

Can someone explain how we are already almost into February please!? This month has flown by so far. How are you getting on with your goals? Still going strong I hope!

If you are looking for a little accountability, goal and ability focussed programming and as much ongoing support as you might need, I have a few online training places available. If you want to find out more, check out some of my client testimonials and get in touch!

Now, on to the round up of the past week.

Social media stuff

Overtrained? Or Under-recovered

Should you do cardio or weights first?

Exercise tweaks to minimise momentum

How to strengthen your weak lower traps

A simple fix for elbow pain on wide rows

Articles of the week

The round up of the best training and nutrition articles of the past week.

The basics of macro tracking

How to lose fat forever.

Factors affecting squat performance

Your big toe and your squat performance

And since it seems to be squat week, 6 progressions to super squats

Workout of the week

1 piece of equipment workout.

Grab yourself a pair (or 2) of DBs and a bench.

Set a timer for 30s rounds, with 30s rest.

Do the following, aiming for as many good reps as you can in the time given.

DB press


DB Front squat

DB chest supported row

DB loaded crunch.

Rest 2 minutes and repeat for 3 rounds.

You’ll probably find you can use the same weight for the press, front squat and crunch, and a heavier load for the rdl and row. Keep the technique looking pretty, don’t sacrifice quality for load and sloppy reps!

Have an awesome Sunday.

Stay strong,


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